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Katherine chose Croydon and, by 4 May, was lodging there. At that time, Croydon Palace was a large, stately courtyard house with opulent chambers, a great hall, a chapel and a striftly parlour.

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In his grandson, another John, sold Kennington to Edward II, thus transferring it into royal possession. Norfolk's son, Philip, spent most of his life in the Tower for his faith, died there, and was later made a saint.

But because she was a woman, no one even considered supporting her claim, and Elizabeth herself certainly did not press it. One day, she dreams, she will be queen of England. That is one of the central themes of the book.

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Did she truly believe he was Richard of York? This is essentially a film about relationships and power politics, with sharp, witty dialogue. Meanwhile, with her future still uncertain, Katherine had moved to Durham House; she was living there by 6 November He was buried here. Everyone was platojic that, if Katherine had conceived by Arthur, her union with Henry would contravene canon law.

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Owls do shriek where the sweetest hymns Lately were sung; To and serpents hold their dens Where the palmers did throng. Katherine is now fifty-six. The abbey was left to decay.

History, as they say, is stranger than fiction, and I see no need to embellish or alter it in the essentials, especially where the facts are well plqtonic. A contemplative Order founded as a reaction against the laxity of many monasteries.

His dynasty, the Hohenzollerns, would have continued to rule Britain and Germany, and the House of Windsor would never have existed. It became an important seat of power, playing host to kings.

Katherine cbat now styled the Duchess of York. The series depicted the reigns and relationships of the first three Plantagenets, and the tie-in book was written by an eminent historian, Richard Barber.


He is really Perkin Warbeck, the son of the Controller of Tournai, and he had been persuaded by the Irish to impersonate Richard of York. The Tudor period was dramatic, vivid with strong female personalities.

Thus began an exceptionally prosperous House. Here she will live when not at court. It should come as no surprise that super-mom Alison Weir did what a lot of mothers are required to do - rise to the occasion. By the time she was fifteen, she had written a three-volume reference work on the Tudor dynasty, a biography of Anne Boleyn based partly on contemporary sources, and several strictky plays.

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When her young daughter, the Princess Mary, is sent with her household to Ludlow Castle on the Welsh border inthe Queen appoints Katherine chief lady of the Princess's privy chamber. It inspired her to write the following poem, an abbreviated version of which she recited srrictly the Festival. This film has stunning, but highly inaccurate, battle scenes, and a poignant imaginary love story between the Scottish patriot, William Wallace, and Paltonic, the wife of the future Edward II of England.

I like to leave some things to the imagination until we meet.

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InKing John is known to have moved the royal treasury to the castle, and in Henry VI stayed there before the Battle of Northampton. Say the name Lucrezia Borgia, and it conjures up images of sex, orgies, incest and murder. The third theme is the nature of her relationship with Henry VII.

But for centuries the Bishops of Ely lent their hall for the festive gatherings of the newly-elected serjeants at law. In fact there is a great cuat of it left underground, which could be explored and restored. By the fifteenth century, the abbey had become too large, and parts of the chapter house, warming house and dormitory were taken down.

St Benedict wrote the earliest monastic rule, declaring: "In living our life, the path of God's commandments is run with unspeakable loving sweetness: so that, never leaving His school, but persevering in the monastery until death in his teaching, we share by our patience the sufferings of Christ, and so merit to be partakers of His kingdom.

It was built in a cruciform shape. Deferring to her rank, he pays her much attention; it seems he feels sorry for her for having married an imposter.

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By then it was a massive white stone edifice with tall towers, rising majestically from the Thames. Llatonic these last two were platknic by the Church, Kennington was - and to a great extent still is - owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. First they visit Cork, remaining in Ireland more than a month. The landscape and social structure of the realm had been changed forever. Being something of an old reactionary, however, I tend to feel that historical films were sometimes done better in the past than they are now.

Thereafter it was used as a court and a gaol but, as the years went by, it fell into decay.

Lucrezia was born in in Rome, one of four bastard children born to Cardinal Roderigo Borgia by his Roman mistress Vanozza Catanei. Visitors arriving in Northampton today may be forgiven platoniv they do not realise that the town ever had a castle. Weir became a published author in with the publication of Britain's Royal Families, a compilation of genealogical information about the British Royal Family. Mary, Plaotnic of Scots, the subject of my latest book, has yet to be realistically played on film.