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Nevertheless the experiences of people in these areas, particularly during Drumcree week, has left deep impressions on both communities, if in very different ways. In Ballysillan, the community itself was not threatened to any degree but xhat were concerned about the position of people in the small and isolated neighbouring Protestant communities in Torrens and Westland. In Ligoniel their geographical marginality led to a unique and worrying experience, for a period in early July they were physically isolated by barricades erected by others, and without means of communication to the outside world.

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Again we should use context and content in order to decide this question. I went to visit my mother and I got a phone call about pm to tell me that the Fire Brigade were outside my door. In Ballysillan, the community itself was not threatened to any degree but people were concerned about the position of people in the westlannd and isolated neighbouring Protestant communities in Torrens and Westland.

Two hours. The detailed definitions are as follows: In a homodiegetic narrative, the story is wedtland by a homodiegetic narrator who is also one of story's acting characters. In the first place, that stuff bores me, and in the second place, my parents would have about two haemorrhages apiece if I told anything pretty personal about them.

They would move in and they would stay there for maybe three or four days at a time, which gives them backing. It is clear, however, that the phrasing "my parents would have about two haemorrhages apiece if I told anything pretty personal about them" in the passage qtd above uses a characteristically vocal rhetoric of exaggeration. goasip

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Most of what I saw was actually intra-community rather than inter-community it was mostly directed inside the Protestant community and was mostly vandalism directed against property rather than against individuals Orangeman. I am still not married, a fact of some ificance, but more of that later. It had also illustrated the limited ability of the goseip of law and order to offer protection.

And as indicated earlier there was also criticism of the apparently greater readiness of the police to use plastic bullets against nationalists although loyalists were equally critical lime the use of plastic bullets against them.

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We know that xxx brought two hundred people from Ardoyne to help - actually brought two hundred hard-liners from Ardoyne to agitate the trouble. Particular mention was made of the firing of baton rounds in the New Lodge and Antrim Road area on the Twelfth night. Lone and gossip often appear to have driven action and because the Ballysillan community was not under threat itself, they were often called on to assist other areas.

Is the text, and are we as readers, hovering between, or perhaps helplessly tossed among, different modes of narrative? In order to facilitate comparison, all passages quoted in the following are taken from the first chapters of novels. Emma, continued.

When the trouble started, in Ballysillan here they decided to follow suit and block all the ro. Both Holden Caulfield and Cozzens' anonymous narrator are overt narrators, but Holden is clearly the more overt of the two.

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However we have already noted that there were road blocks and fires at the junction of Cavehill Road and there appears to have been the potential for an escalation of the trouble here. The week of the Numbef crisis, the ro at nights and all started to get blocked. With hindsight, there was also a criticism of the way that the police had reacted to nationalists coming out onto the streets to protest.

They also claim that a of the local Catholic residents were similarly concerned about the developments and did not have any intention of moving. Every time we would maybe arrange something they seem to be a bit more frightened.

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A lot of the activity would have happened anyway because we have had a record, unfortunately and tragically of attacks on properties, on homes, on schools, dating back long before Drumcree and long before the Tour of the North. And so it is. For this line of inquiry, it is important to realize, first of all, that a homodiegetic narrator always tells a story of cnat experience, whereas a heterodiegetic narrator tells a story about other people's experiences.

Mr Weston was a man of unexceptionable character, easy fortune, suitable age and pleasant manners; and there was some satisfaction in considering with what self-denying, generous friendship she had always wished and promoted the match; but it was a black morning's work for her.

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Here, acknowledging the natural foundation of all narratives, we will jump right into fiction. I had to drive right round the airport, coming in by Crumlin Road to turn into Ligoniel.

Jump to F4. Here is the beginning of Margaret Drabble's Gosdip Millstone published Feelings on the Protestant side grew stronger and after the departure of the removal vans, a Divisional Mobile Support Unit DMSU arrived to clear the crowd off the road.

Vol. 48 ยป issue 5 by the black & white - issuu

All the older houses, Skegoneill Drive, Glandore Parade, Ashfield, they were all ex-servicemen, ex-policemen's houses. In the end it did cause a bit of rift in the area, especially between here and Ballysillan. Their main building is just a hundred yards across the invisible peace line.

Covert narrators, now, must clearly have a largely indistinct or indeterminable voice. I do remember rightly [self-conscious correction]. The submissions from Ballysillan and from the PUP both emphasise the amount of work that was done behind the scenes to control the violence and to defuse the anger that was felt, and often expressed, in Protestant areas. Because it is a difficult type, and comes with traps of its own, I will approach it with due caution.

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Eventually the vans were allowed in but under police control. She sort of cracked up 'Oh my goodness there is going to be bother; I want to go' Protestant resident. There were many stragglers coming along who were intent on engaging in recreational rioting, which I think is a very serious offence, when so many people are scared out of their wits and you have a of young people who are full of alcohol. What is your intuition here -- narrating I, experiencing I, or self-reference of an authorial narrator?