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Please refer to the current edition of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" STD 1 for the standardization state and status of this protocol. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. All Rights Reserved. IMAP4rev1 permits manipulation of mailboxes remote message folders in a way that is functionally equivalent to local folders.

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Client Commands - Authenticated State In the authenticated state, commands that manipulate mailboxes as atomic entities are permitted. To start a conversation for an agreement In the Communications Center, select Send from the Messaging tab.

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Section 5. Operational Considerations The following rules are listed here to messafe that all IMAP4rev1 implementations interoperate properly. The quoted string form is an alternative that avoids the overhead of processing a literal at the cost of limitations of characters which may be used.

To prevent messages being sent out of context, you can close a conversation as described in the section, "Closing Conversations". A client MUST be prepared to accept any server response at all times.

If the server detects messafe possible ambiguity, it MUST execute commands to completion in the order given by the client. The exception is if an ambiguity would result because of a command that would affect the of other commands. Marking a message as delivered removes the message from the pending messages list.

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All such names are, by definition, part of this specification. A parenthesized list can contain other parenthesized lists, using multiple levels of parentheses to indicate nesting. The "Result:" in the command description refers messsge the possible tagged status responses to a command, and any special interpretation mssage these status responses.

However, any command continuation request responses and command continuations MUST be negotiated before any subsequent command is initiated. In particular, do not attempt to deduce command syntax from the command section alone; instead refer to the Formal Syntax section. Conversely, an addr-name of NIL is a meszage personal name, because addr-name uses "nstring" syntax which is NIL or a string, but never an atom.

A system flag is a flag name that is pre-defined in this specification.

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However, if a conversation has been incorrectly closed before all the actions in the business process have completed, you can activate the conversation so additional messages can be sent. All Rights Reserved. A server MUST send mailbox size updates automatically if a mailbox size change is observed during the processing of a command. Server Responses Select Activate Selected.

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A client can only assume, at the time that it obtains the next unique identifier value, that messages arriving after that time will have a UID greater than or equal to that value. Select a Message Key to view details about that message. Select Download to download all messages and documents for the listed conversations. This state is entered when a mailbox has been successfully selected.

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Select a Message Key to view details of that message. In the case of certain server data, the data MUST be recorded. Permanent flags are those which the client can add mesage remove from the message flags permanently; that is, concurrent and subsequent sessions will see any change in permanent flags.

Persistent unique identifiers are required for a client to resynchronize its state from a session with the server e. The Conversation Details displays. In the course of the evolution of IMAP4rev1, some aspects in the earlier protocols have become obsolete.

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To retrieve messages and attached documents on a per action basis In the Communications Center, select Inbox from the Messaging tab. Selected State In a selected state, a mailbox has been selected to access. Autologout Timer If a server has an inactivity autologout timer, the duration of that timer MUST be at least 30 minutes.

Some server implementations are fully case-sensitive; others preserve case of a newly-created name but otherwise are case-insensitive; and yet others coerce names to a particular case. It is a protocol error for the client to attempt a command while the connection is in an inappropriate state, and the server will respond with a BAD or NO depending 33 server implementation command completion result.

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Unlike message sequence s, unique identifiers are not necessarily contiguous. You can also messqge any documents that were attached to that action. The restrictions placed on anonymous users are implementation-dependent. Protocol Overview 2.